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Net Pacific Financial Holdings Limited is a company that is primarily engaged in the financing business, specialising in providing financing services to companies in the PRC and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”). Leveraging on our specialised finance skills, we are well-positioned to capitalise on the growth and development of the PRC economy.

With long-term stability as our goal, we focus on creating value by offering, in particular, small- to mid-sized companies in the PRC and the HKSAR access to capital. In tandem with our financing feature, we provide working capital financing via asset-backed loans as well as mezzanine loans, which are secured by either floating or fixed charge over certain assets or shares of the borrower and/or guaranteed by major shareholder of the borrower.

While we focus on providing financing services, we may also make investments in companies that have good fundamentals and growth potential as and when opportunities arise. In order to minimise the downside risks to our Group, investments will be made in the form of convertible loans or preferred shares. It is envisaged that for such investments, we expect a clear value growth plan of the investee as well as an eventual exit strategy.

Net Pacific Financial Holdings Limited was formerly known as K Plas Holdings Limited.

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